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 Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY

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PostSubject: Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY   Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:06 am


This game is NOT about umk3

FIREBOY Uses His Own Routines,His Own vision About GamePlay,Originality AND


Mortal Kombat Mythologies by Madway: Official Release

Mortal Kombat Mythologies by Madway,MKM 0.50

You are in mk9,before mk10(mk one)

The game takes place sometime before the events of Mortal Kombat one(mk10): Most of the

game's events occurring in the fictional realms of the Mortal Kombat series.

==={  STORY  }===

The Elder Gods watched over the realms, and governed the realms with untold wisdom; but

one such Elder God, known as Shinnok, gave into greed and illusion of ultimate power and

wanted the new realm of Earth for himself; however, the Elder Gods had appointed the young

God of Thunder known as Raiden to protect Earth. The battle between Raiden and Shinnok was

fierce, sending Earth to its near destruction and plunging it into centuries of darkness.

Raiden discovered that Shinnok entered the realm through the power of a mystical amulet.

It allowed Shinnok to weaken the borders of a realm and therefore enter the realm without

challenge and keep the Elder Gods from interfering. Forced to choose between destroying

the budding Saurian civilization or to give Earthrealm to Shinnok, Raiden chose the former

and stripped Shinnok of the amulet before, with the aid of Elder Gods, banishing the

fallen Elder God to the Netherrealm. The Netherealm has existed since the beginning of

time and has had many names. Whether it's known as Hell, Hades, Gehenna or Pluto, it has

always had the same purpose: to act as the final home of those who have done wrong. When

Shinnok awoke in the Netherealm, he found himself under attack by Lucifer, the leader of

the fiery realm. Lucifer used the souls of those whom Shinnok himself had banished to the

Netherealm to attack the Elder God. Shinnok was quickly beaten and found himself in the

depths of Hell.

Legend decrees that if one were to obtain all six Kamidogu with the Sacred Amulet, he or

she would be granted ultimate power, merging all that exists and bringing the return of

the One Being. To prevent the destruction of the realms, Raiden created a massive temple

deep within the mountains of Asia to house the amulet, and appointed four guardians to

serve as protectors of the amulet. Each of these guardians represented one of the elements

of which the realm was comprised: Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire. As long as the amulet

remained on Earth, Shinnok would remain trapped in the Netherrealm.

For thousands of years Shinnok laid in torment from Lucifer in the Neatherrealm, until

stumbling across a mysterious sorcerer by the name of Quan Chi. Once an Oni from the

Neatherrealm, he had transformed his appearance upon learning sorcery, even gaining the

power to travel throughout all of the planes of reality without detection from any of the


Quan Chi told Shinnok that he would help him escape from his prison and defeat Lucifer.

All Quan Chi wanted in exchange was power and the right to rule at Shinnok's side. Shinnok

agreed, and the two waged a war in the Netherealm that lasted for centuries. They

eventually beat Lucifer and took control of the Netherealm. Shinnok was now the ruler of

the dead realm, but he wasn't happy with his conquest. The Netherealm is nothing more than

fire and brimstone, and he only rules over the grotesque demons that inhabit the realm.

Shinnok wants more, and what Shinnok wants, Quan Chi must try to arrange.


A few millennia had passed, now with Edenia conquered and other realms added to Outworld,

Shao Kahn turned his sights to the conquest of Earthrealm. Shao Kahn sent Shang Tsung to

establish the sacred tournament as a competition between his armies and Earthrealm. The

prize for the winner of Mortal Kombat would be that the champion would not age for 50

years until the start of the next tournament. Kahn would only be allowed to take

Earthrealm if he won ten of these tournaments in a row. Raiden rallied the best fighters

of Earth into the White Lotus Society, a group established to discern a champion every 50

years to defend Earth in the tournament. The Great Kung Lao was one such warrior defeating

Shang Tsung and becoming Grand Champion. Lao only kept the title for one generation before

eventually falling to Shang Tsung's then-new secret weapon, a Shokan prince named Goro.

Goro proceeded to win the following eight tournaments, giving the Outworld warriors nine

consecutive victories.

Imprisoned in death for centuries after his betrayal by Shao Kahn, the Dragon King

secretly worked to revive his physical body. By transferring his essence into an

apparition, he appeared to Shujinko, a very promising warrior who was set to be the chosen

Earthrealm kombatant in an upcoming Mortal Kombat tournament. Claiming to be an emissary

of the Elder Gods named Damashi , he tricked Shujinko into embarking on a quest to obtain

the Kamidogu from the various realms and placing them in the Nexus, a special location

created between the realms to ease the travel of the Champion of the Elder Gods.

Before the events of the next Mortal Kombat tournament, Quan Chi had recruited Sub-Zero

the Elder to help him retrieve the ancient amulet. Sub Zero proceeded to venture through

Earthrealm, defeating the gods of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire and obtained the amulet.

Sub-Zero then delivered the amulet to Quan Chi. Quan Chi later gave the amulet to Shinnok,

which happened to be a fake, and kept the real one for himself. Raiden then confronted the

Lin Kuei ninja and revealed to him his mistake by giving Quan Chi the amulet. Reluctantly,

Sub-Zero then proceeded to return to the Netherrealm and retrieve the amulet from Shinnok.

Sub-Zero was successful and preserved the peace of all reality for the time being.

The Shaolin monk Liu Kang
Two years later, Earth rallied some of its best fighters in order to win the tenth

tournament and preserve Earthrealm's freedom. Amongst the established warriors were Liu

Kang, Sonya Blade, and Johnny Cage. With the help of Raiden, the Earthrealm warriors were

victorious and Liu Kang became the new champion of Mortal Kombat. Scorpion, who was a

rival clansman of the Lin Kuei, and the same man Sub-Zero killed years before, fought one

another again. In the end however, Scorpion slew Sub-Zero in retribution for his own



Unable to deal with Shang Tsung's failure, Shao Kahn ordered the Tarkatan horde to raid

the Wu Shi Academy. The Tarkatan horde killed most of Liu Kang's fellow monks. This

enraged Liu Kang enough to follow them into Outworld. He was not alone. Kung Lao, Johnny

Cage , and Major Jackson Briggs, who was in search of his missing subordinate, Sonya

Blade, followed right behind Liu Kang into the realm to seek revenge. Though they were

running into the Emperor's trap, they eventually thwarted Shao Kahn's sinister plan and

rescued Sonya as well. Shao Kahn responded by resurrecting Queen Sindel on Earth and

stepping across the realms to claim her, thus successfully merging it with Outworld. The

Earthrealm warriors rallied once more, defeating Shao Kahn and ending his threat. He was

severely wounded, but most importantly, when he was defeated, Edenia was freed from

Outworld, and was returned to a whole realm.







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PostSubject: Re: Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY   Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:34 am

Testing right now, will give feedback when done.
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PostSubject: Re: Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY   Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:30 pm

I like it, good job bro. 070 


Click Here or Image!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY   Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:27 pm

DOWNLOAD I again and I get a file error when decompressing the 99 percent. I will try to download again.
If you have to decompress with a specific program, let us know
I download it again, and now if I decompressed.
The game is very good, I like it, the only problem for me is that it takes too long to run.
Thank you very much!
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PostSubject: Re: Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY   

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Mortal Kombat Mythologies by FIREBOY

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