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 Kenshiro by Cameron

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PostSubject: Kenshiro by Cameron   Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:00 pm

Someone knows where to get Kenshiro by Cameron? I've searched everywhere but in vain.
The site that was hosting the char isn't reachable.

Edit 4/05/2012

... Well, I found another Kenshiro that is not by Drowin nor by Cameron: Kenshiro by Saikei, edited by LordMike for his mugen game. He plays like in the PS2 game "Hokuto no Ken".
You can find it here: http://lordmikehnk.blogspot.it/
Scroll down until you find "DOWNLOAD FULL GAME (from mediafire)"; in the mediafire folder choose the second part and you'll download Kenshiro along with other chars.

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Kenshiro by Cameron

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